This is Laura. One of my best friends and also my Brand Consultant, Logo Designer, & the person I run all my business questions and ideas by because she is also a small business owner and I trust and value her opinion! It has been so fun to have someone to meet with regularly and to bounce ideas off of with each other and encourage one another. We met at White Whale Room to snap some shots for her creative branding session and to use on her website and Instagram. We had so much fun capturing her personality and her in her element. Branding is such an intimate process when you are starting your business because you tell all your big ideas and dreams to someone. There is NO ONE I would rather have done this process with and I truly enjoyed working on our businesses together. This session was really designed so that Laura could communicate to her current and potential clients who she is on a regular basis. Branding is a relational process and we wanted to capture this in these photos.

Laura is a student at Denver Seminary studying to become a licensed counselor and I love how she always asks me heart level questions in our friendship as well as our meetings for business. She is a gem and I am thankful we have become such close friends this past year. If you are looking to start a business or rebrand you should definitely reach out to Laura. Her process is integrative and thought provoking and is one of the best investments you can do for your business!