These two are some of our closest friends! Clint and Ben have been friends since middle school and he is a part of the crew that goes to annual Cowboys games around the country (this year is their 12th annual trip)! When they told us in March of 2017 that they were moving to Denver, we were ecstatic! Then earlier this year they closed on a house 2 blocks from us!!! It has been so sweet to walk over and hang out any time we want! We are so thankful to have these two in our lives. In August, we went up to our cabin and adventured around Fairplay for these sweet shots. These two are so lovable and you can tell they really love each other. It is so sweet to witness. Last month they got engaged in the Netherlands! I can’t wait to celebrate these two getting hitched!

P.S. The adorable hound in these photos is Molly. Let me tell ya she loves her parents!!

Clint + Claire-90.jpg
Clint + Claire-95.jpg
Clint + Claire-109.jpg
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