I am so excited to share our before + afters of our bathroom renovation! I will share more details on how it all happened in the future but it is fun to just share the transformation at this point! The functionality improvement is so noticeable and has really improved our daily life in a small space. This is our only bathroom in the house so its an important one!


Vanity - Before

Something about the brown floors were just so dingy. Also in a tiny house you need vanity storage. period. This pedestal sink just wasn't cutting it.


Vanity - After

We went with a Home Decorator's simple grey vanity with plenty of storage. I am so happy about this! I will take pictures soon of my linen closet. It just freed up so much room & improved how we get ready in the morning. Also toilet paper is now in the actual bathroom! We switched the location of the toilet and vanity so that it was a more normal layout.

Vanity Mirror + Light
Light Fixture

Before we just had a huge mirror that covered the entire wall and a light fixture that was really close to eye level and it was also rusting. Also we had beatboard with a ledge that we ended up using to set all of our bathroom junk on.

Vanity Mirror + Light

I love how simple the vanity area is now. We have a place for all our bathroom things and we can easily get ready and then put everything away in the vanity. I prefer to have nothing on my counters. The new light fixture is at a more appropriate height and brightens up the whole bathroom. 

Medicine Cabinet

This medicine cabinet was above our toilet before and it was really inconvenient. Frequently things would fall out and fall into the toilet, GROSS! We made the unusual decision to just get rid of it and dry wall over the hole. I still stand by this decision 100%. My husband and I have never been huge medicine cabinet people so it is not missed at all.

Hand Towel - After

After removing the medicine cabinet, we had free wall space to FINALLY hang a hand towel! Previously, when we first moved in we had a hand towel rod and I am not even kidding the first day we lived here I tried to wipe my hands and the whole thing just broke off and that was the end of that. This has been so convenient and I love that we were able to use this space efficiently.

Shelves - After
Photo May 26, 3 54 23 PM.jpg

Since we decided to go with a more normal mirror size, we gained enough space to do over the toilet storage. This is prime real estate in a small house! We decided to go with open shelving that were both functional and cute. Let's be real, I like the cuteness. I use the cotton squares to remove my eye makeup and the cotton swabs daily so having them in a functional place has been really nice!

Toilet - Before

I feel so weird putting pics up of my toilet but oh well. So this toilet had PROBLEMS! First you had to pull the handle towards you to flush which is backwards. Also it would get stuck when people flushed and would run the whole time until you jiggled it. It was so annoying!

Toilet - After

Ahh I am obsessed with this toilet! Is that weird? It is elongated and sleek. I specifically really wanted NO piping to be showing and the smooth surface to the floor for easy cleaning and not letting gunk get on there like dog hair and other unmentionables. Anyways, I could not be more happy about this purchase!

Photo May 26, 3 53 58 PM.jpg

See there is no piping showing on the side? It is so easy to clean! 

The other reason we moved the toilet and vanity is that previously if you were using the restroom and didn't shut the door then people walking on the sidewalk or that came up to the front door could just see you. Probably TMI but this has been really nice to have these switched.

Shower Faucet - Before

As this picture shows, this shower head would frequently turn in all different directions and wouldn't stay in one position while you were showering. This probably contributed to the mold below and also led to some funny stories of people showering at our house and accidentally spraying the whole bathroom with water.

Shower Faucet - After

My husband and I love rain shower heads but we didn't want to re-route plumbing through the ceiling so this was a great compromise. We LOVE this big shower head. We also moved it up about 6 inches so that it would be at a better height. We also decided to tile all the way to ceiling which has turned out to be one of our best design decisions. It makes the space look bigger. We also decided to go with a slightly smaller subway tile with a matte finish that coordinates with our flooring tile. Subway tile just looked too shiny next to the flooring.

See mold in picture above corner and around the edges. YUCK. Also you couldn't have taken a bath even if you wanted to because we had no stopper! There was some water corrosion around all the fixtures and we had some hot water problems due to the old galvanized piping. We replaced all galvanized piping that related to the bathroom so that has made a huge difference! 

We love the new fixtures and bathtub! They are just clean and new and work like they should. We went with a Kohler simple cast iron tub and its awesome. Our contractor also did a lot of work in the corner of the tub to try to prevent future mold issues, which we are really thankful for!

We had a shelf in our shower and it had two ledges which seemed odd to us. We didn't expect that there would be any piping behind there since the other side of this wall is our closet. When we opened the wall, there was nothing else there! They just framed it weird.


We love this slightly bigger shower shelf. It is so convenient for all our bathroom items and our contractor even angled it slightly so water runs back into the shower instead of sitting there and creating mold issues.


Anyone else's husbands hate all the bathroom products you leave in the shower? :)

We had bulky rugs previously that covered a lot of the brown flooring.

We kept our same shower curtain since i had just bought it a few months prior and got a simple round white rug from World Market. The mid-century modern hexagon tile is so smooth and nice. My husband is not a huge fan of the tiny white hexagon tile that most people put in old homes but I still really liked hexagon tile. We love this tile and get so many compliments from friends.

Thanks for stopping by to check out our renovation before + afters! This project went SO smoothly compared to our kitchen renovation. It was only 8 business days and they were completely done. We loved our contractor!

So fresh and so clean -