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Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50


Super Bowl 50

Note: This post is a few years over due but still a trip of a lifetime. Below is our NFL Super Bowl 50 experience! ! !

the scoop

This was a trip of a lifetime. Like really it was a trip we can never repeat again! 

To start this story off right, I have to tell you how we won tickets to the Super Bowl. Every year, my husband enters us and everyone in our family in the NFL ticket lottery. You have to mail a letter in with specific information. Yes mail. Funny side note, last year when he was entering us and bugging me for stamps. I was semi-annoyed and said "Why do you enter in this anyway, we will never win!" See you have to enter in late February through May and just when we had forgotten about it, my husband called me at work to let me know that he had been selected! I love it when I am proved wrong, okay not really but definitely in this situation. Without hesitation I knew we had to go. We just had to. The NFL ticket lottery provides real fans a chance to buy tickets in late August/early September at the lowest face value that is posted. In full disclosure, these tickets were $500/each. Definitely the most expensive tickets we have ever purchased but well worth it for this once in a lifetime experience. To top off everything, this was Super Bowl 50, what a milestone, and it was in San Francisco, where my sister lives! Double win! And it was in the brand new state of the art Levi Stadium. We were beyond ecstatic. We booked our flights and hotel shortly after we found out we won tickets before the season even really started. It didn't matter who was playing, we would be there.

Fast forward to late January and our current hometown team, the Denver Broncos, were going to be playing! If the Cowboys are not going to be there, then Denver is definitely my second choice team. This would end up being Peyton Manning's last game, ever. What a special game to go to. Needless to say we had some very jealous friends in Denver.

Here is a recap of our Super Bowl 50 experience!


Super Bowl City

Super Bowl City was in San Francisco at Embarcadaro. The stadium is in Santa Clara, 45 minutes away from the city, so all of the pre-game events were in San Fran. San Francisco is one of the coolest cities in America, easily. It has trendy food spots, wine galore, and so many fun activities! Literally everywhere you go it is the trendiest, coolest ambiance. We loved all the special details that this event offered from the food to the wine to the activities. It was just awesome. There are tons of interactive games that include everything from a virtual QB experience to jumping around and dancing like DDR to riding b. Of course we had to do all of them. During the virtual QB game - Ben was selected by an LA news station for an interview. It just so happens my dad was there on a layover and was able to catch it on tv! We were also in the background of several ESPN interviews and discussions. This a premiere event and there was so much to do and be a part of. We LOVED it. My advice is to go to the event during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. We went on Thursday and it was much less crowded that on Friday evening and Saturday.

One of the coolest things about Super Bowl City, is that it is all free, yes FREE! Something the NFL puts on is FREE! There were even free concerts. On Thursday evening, we went to the Little Big Town concert. It was so much fun.




We ventured down to Chinatown on Friday during the day to try Hunan Home. Ben found it on Yelp! and had been dying to go try it. It was DELICIOUS! We also ended up seeing Eddie Lacy there eating. The whole town was crawling with football players. Ben was thrilled. 


I tried the sizzling rice soup, it was amazing! I highly recommend it. I am trying to find a place that makes it in Denver!

I meant to get pictures of our food but clearly we devoured it too quickly. I guess you could say we were completely satisfied!! Can anyone spot Eddie Lacy in this photo?

NFL Experience

One of the must dos at any Super Bowl is to go to the NFL Experience. This is an event you have to pay to go to but it is very reasonably priced. Tickets ranged from $30-45. My husband did so much research for all of our activities this week and found a "flexible pass" for the NFL Experience. We assumed this mean any of the 7-8 days that it was open. We decided to go on Friday, which was supposed to be one of the biggest days there. Unfortunately, when we picked up the tickets at will call we found out that the tickets we purchased had expired on Thursday evening. Annoyed, my husband re-purchased two tickets for Friday. He was frustrated but at the end of the day we were at the Super Bowl and we really, really wanted to go in and see all the exhibits. As you have seen previously, this was a premiere week in San Francisco and famous players and sports gurus were everywhere. I mean just a few feet from so many talented people. So we just chalked it up to the small print and purchased two more tickets.

So here is where the story gets better... before we went to the NFL experience, my husband was looking online at the schedule of players and football gurus and saw that one of our all-time favorite Cowboys players, Troy Aikman, was going to be there at the TD Ameritrade booth. I instantly became fixated on getting to meet Troy and getting his autograph. As soon as we got there, I power walked to the TD Ameritrade booth, where we were informed with a few other Cowboys fans that it was a misprint and Troy was actually not going to be doing a public meet and greet, he was only there for a private event. I was extremely disappointed and embarrisingly whiney about it. Ben and I spent a few hours at the NFL Experience, and everything was so crowded. We were only able to participate in one of the exhibits because of the wait time. We realized, although too late, that there was an express pass for $10 more that would allow you to cut the lines. This was completely sold out by the time we realized it. But there was plan in all of this that was MUCH better than we could have ever expected! 

Watch this video to see how it all went down:

A few minutes after we won the tickets, we were still in shock!


Saturday we were ecstatic about the next day! We went to eat brunch at Boogaloos and it was amazing! We also spent some time on my sister's rooftop deck with some of the most amazing views of San Francisco.


Super Bowl Day!

We decided to take the Amtrak from Hayward to the stadium. There is a stop right next to the stadium. This was easily the best decision we made because the train was not crowded at all, it was clean, nice, and the ride was smooth! We had such a fun time sitting on the train giddy with excitement about the day ahead.

Since we currently live in Denver, I promised one of my sweet friends I would wear her Denver Broncos socks and earrings if they went to the Super Bowl. She demanded proof that morning!

We arrived at the stadium around 9 am, unfortunately gates were not opening for an hour and a half so we walked ALL.THE.WAY.AROUND Levi Stadium to get to the one gate that was open. We found a Cowboys Super Bowl ring so we had to stop for a photo op.

We are SO glad that we went to the stadium earlier. The security line was quite long, however, we found someone to talk to about getting our tickets that we wont through the NFL Lottery and he brought all 4 of us to a special gate where there were only about 4 other people going through line. We felt like we were so cool and important. haha funny how that happens huh?

Inside the gates there is SO MUCH TO DO! It is so cool. There are press events, free snacks & promo items, free concerts, and more. We highly recommend going in as early as you can so you don't miss anything.

The Game

Photo Feb 07, 8 00 01 PM.jpg

Writing this post has made me want to go back to the Super Bowl a hundred times over. This was one of the most fun trips we have taken! 

clear eyes, full heart, can't lose -

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