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May Round Up


May Round Up

I thought it would be fun to share a monthly recap of a few of my favorite things. Some are worth sharing but aren't big enough for a full post! Let me know if there is anything you would want me to add to the list!

Good Food:

Korean Beef with Jasmine Rice - substituted stew meat instead of ground beef. Absolutely delicious!

Herb crusted lamb chops with asparagus & skillet sweet potatoes.

Crawfish Boil at a local favorite - Max's Gil & Grill

Photo May 27, 7 21 16 PM.jpg


Surge graduation & celebration: We completed our year long discipleship program with Surge, where we read through 4 books, tons of scripture, and various articles. We also had 4 intensives, where speakers were flown in to speak to us about the topic of each quarter. Surge changed so much about our perspective of our place in God's unfolding story, what it means to be an everyday disciple of Jesus, and improved our study habits! I am sad this is over, but our love of Jesus and desire to more about Him has only strengthened and we continue to read various books and material about how to proclaim Christ in all that we do, say, think, and believe.

Photo May 13, 5 42 55 PM.jpg

Fun stuff:

Weekend getaway at the cabin: We spent some much needed R&R at the cabin and rode ATVs at Four Mile outside of Buena Vista. The views are breathtaking and just affirm over and over again that we have a creative Creator.

Photo May 21, 2 56 44 PM.jpg
Photo May 21, 3 35 30 PM (1).jpg

House Projects:

Installed house numbers (FINALLY!) Now our friends and family can finally spot our house!

Continued work on our backyard. See post here.

Kitchen Demo!

Photo May 25, 5 54 39 PM.jpg

What have you been up to?