When I first started this post, we were starting our bathroom renovation the next week, then life happened and managing a renovation the week of the Women's Retreat I have been planning for 9 months just made things crazier so I never actually published! Anyways - back again to give all the details.

It was a process to get 4-5 quotes over the last few months with all of our travel and hosting family in March, work out the details with the contractor we chose, and ultimately decide we were going to move forward with the project from a financial perspective (renos ain't cheap, let me tell ya!). We ended up using a contractor that came highly recommended to us through a friend of a friend. I always love using someone that someone we personally have a connection to used because it just gives an extra level of comfort that the project will be done well and that they won't do something shady like take your money and run. There are some crazy contractor stories in Denver due to the current housing market and large number of old homes. We decided to do a full gut of the bathroom and despite the title of DIY Series, we are not doing anything ourselves. We only have one bathroom in our house so time is of the essence in this case. Our contractor promised that the entire bathroom would be done in one week and I am pleased to report it took 8 week days and that is pretty amazing. We also host people in our home at least twice a week so we just really wanted this done quickly and all put back together as soon as possible. My mom also came to visit Mother's Day weekend so that was pretty much our deadline.

Our inspiration for this bathroom is fresh and clean. Our bathroom is pretty small (about 10 by 7 feet in total including the bathtub) so we just wanted it to be functional and clean. The previous owner(s) renovated this bathroom several years ago and there are so many weird things about it. The beat board is damaged and drips of paint are visible. There were areas with caulking covering up holes in the wall. Also the light fixture is rusting. Again it is just a MESS. There was even some mold peaking through the corner of the bathtub that they previously tried to cover up with more caulking before we moved in.

We are going with a grey and white color palette. Surprise, surprise! After selecting your contractor the next hardest part of this process is picking all of the materials and staying within your budget. We originally really wanted carrara marble in the shower and on the floor but after calculating the price and learning more about the upkeep of a natural stone we decided to go with more affordable options that require no maintenance. I would describe the look of this bathroom in more of the mid-century modern classic style. Below are the materials we decided to go with:

We absolutely love the feel and look of the Moen faucet we purchased for our kitchen so we decided to go with all Moen brushed nickel fixtures in the bathroom. They are just so smooth and a really good quality. We were also confident that all of the fixtures would match if we stuck with one brand.

I am excited to show you the before and after in the next post! :)

So fresh and so clean -