It has been pretty quiet around here this month. If I am completely honest - I was super bummed earlier this week about not having any new posts out here lately. Shortly after - I was reminded by my husband and more importantly God - that it is okay. It is more than okay. I wanted to share with you a few of those sweet reminders.

One - I am officially in "busy season" at my work, which means I am juggling several projects and there is a lot more on my to do lists these days.

Two - we started one of our biggest DIY projects to date...painting the exterior of our house. I cannot wait to share this with y'all soon! We are still working on the details. so many details. We are in a rush to get this finished before the first snow this season. We don't have too much time until the first snow comes so this is a top priority in our spare {ha} time. 

Three - I am planning some upcoming events for my church. This is one of my biggest passions so I am throwing a lot of energy into some fun and exciting things coming over the next year!

Four - I have been dreaming up some exciting things for this space. My heart has been stirring and I am trying to get all my ideas and thoughts together. 

Five - We have been really involved in a discipleship/training program with our church that requires a lot of our time with reading some theology books that are more difficult to fully comprehend, reading large chunks of scripture each week, and meeting at 6 AM on Thursday mornings! We are loving this but just getting used to our new routine which has required us to do an overhaul to our weekly activities and how we spend our time in the evenings.

Oh and by the way - its fall y'all! Grab yourself a PSL and cozy on up!