I love all things cozy! I have spent the last few weeks changing out decor to create a comfortable living room for us! Below are few of those cozy essentials!

{Plush Throws}

Ladder + Throws

I absolutely love throws and cuddling up on the couch. I am naturally cold natured so I really love throws. White throws just brighten up the room and invite you into cozy.  I gravitate towards throws with texture that look pretty, as well as, keep you warm. Pottery Barn is my go to for the best throws around. Below are links to 3 that we got for our wedding and are easily my favorite throws of all time. {Pictured to the right}

White Faux Sheepskin, Faux Fur Throw, Chennile Basketweave Throw

{Decorative Wood Ladder}

I was on the hunt for a creative way to store all my throws. Baskets tend to take up valuable square footage and clutter up the room. I ended up finding my decorative wood ladder at my favorite antique mall in Denver for $25! It is in great shape and has an American Indian flare to it, which I love. This provides a vertical design element in our living room & displays our cute throws.

{Wood & Metal Coffee Table}

My vision of a cozy living room includes a metal + wood coffee table! I must I totally stole this one from Brit! She has wonderful style and I am constantly asking her where she got everything inside of her home! I usually am met with "World Market" or "Restoration Hardware Outlet"! Wish I had her vision. Anyways - this one is from World Market. Link is below, although I think it is out of stock now. 

Aiden Coffee Table

{Galvanized Tray}

Tray + Chicken Feeder + Book

To go with the mix of wood & metal in our living room I added this galvanized tray from William Sonoma. I love coffee table decor and am constantly reminding myself not to clutter it up!

Galvanized Round Tray

{Farmhouse Element}

I love Fixer Upper, as I am sure you all do! Joanna Gaines has a natural touch for all things farmhouse, rustic, & industrial that illuminate cozy. My farmhouse element in this room is this chicken feeder I also picked up at my favorite antique mall in Denver! I love it - I have no idea what I am really going to do with it but for right now I love it right where it is!

{Coffee Table Book}

Maybe I am too southern but I think coffee table books are essential to a homey living room. I have three coffee table books that I rotate in and out. Two were bought for me by my husband and include pictures of puppies. I love puppies. period. Shake & Underwater Dogs. They make you giggle and saw awww! The third book is one from my best friend, Kaci. She got me this book after I oohed and awwed all over it when we were shopping in the Stockyards in Fort Worth. It is called Goodnight Cowtown and its one of my favorites. It is a sweet reminder of my time in Cowtown! Coffee table books provide your guest something to look at while you are still throwing the last minute clutter in the closet or pulling something off the stove!

What are your cozy essentials?

Livin' & Lovin' -