Our deck was in semi rough shape. The bones were in pretty good shape but the paint/stain was peeling off, it was an ugly orange color, there was a broken flower box, & a severely warped board. We did some research and decided on the Behr Deck Over paint. The commercials had me at dancing on the deck with bare feet & the bright blue color! Check it out below:



Below are some pictures of our deck before we painted it! We had some crazy weather {hail + lots of rain} all throughout June here in Denver so we had to clean off our deck multiple times before it was actually paint ready.

Deck - Before 1
Before - Deck 2
Deck - Before 5
Deck - Before 6
Before - Deck 3
Deck - Before 4

In Progress:

We somehow suckered my in-laws into helping us paint our deck on Father's Day, which happened to be the same week they re-stained their entire deck at the cabin. We are so thankful them & their willingness to help us with all our dirty projects! haha 

Y'all - let me just say that Behr Deck Over paint is AMAZING but main is it thick! The main process for this project was fairly simple but time consuming & takes some preparation:

  1. Blow off leaves & debris with an electric blower {may need to use a broom for some of the debris}
  2. Power wash or spray off the deck {depending on the condition}
  3. Let the deck dry for at least 24-48 hours
  4. Check the forecast to make sure there is no rain in the forecast for at least 24 hours after you paint
  5. Tape off corners & areas as necessary {i.e. the side of our house on the top part of the deck}
  6. Get to painting every nook & cranny - just make sure to leave yourself an exit strategy so you can make it back inside the house when you are done! We started at the back door and worked our way down the stairs

Supplies Needed for Painting:

  • Paint tray + throw away liners
  • 9 inch rollers with multiple roller brushes {We used 3/8 nap but I recommend consulting with a Home Depot paint expert prior to buying.}
  • Roller extender
  • Several 3-4 inch paint brushes
  • Large bristle brush to sweep off small areas prior to painting {Like this one}

We had lots of fun while painting //

In Progress 1
In Progress 2
In Progress 3
In Progress 4
In Progress 5
In Progress 6
In Progress 7
In Progress 8
Blue Deck - In Progress

Lessons Learned:

  • Behr Deck Over paint dries FAST - If multiple people are painting then each person should have their own paint tray or bucket to use
  • Behr Deck Over paint is THICK - Wear something you don't care about & expect to go through a lot of brushes & rollers
  • Decks + fences are very time consuming to paint & I recommend convincing some friends or family to come and help!

If you decide to paint your deck & fence - I pray that you will have at least as much help as we did! It is a lot more time consuming than you would think. It took us another few days to finish cutting out the corners, gate, hardware, & doing touch ups. It is by no means perfect but it looks so much better than it did before! We love our Cowboys blue deck. What is not to love about a lime green house with yellow trim & a blue deck?


Deck - After 1
Deck - After 2

Paintin' all day everyday -