In February - Ben and I sat down with our friend, Jack, to discuss how we could serve at Emmaus in a more substantial way. We originally went to discuss helping with administrative duties such as bookkeeping, organizing expenses, etc. and by the time we left - the Lord had completely changed the tone of the meeting. Instead I was going to serve in the social media & communication realm, as well as, event planning and coordinating, literally all my favorite things! I hadn't even thought of serving in this capacity. In my previous role as the Communications Chair at the Dallas IIA (a professional organization for internal auditors), I performed very similar duties which gave me a great foot in the door to running social media for an organization. I am so thankful for all that I have learned during my time with the Dallas IIA - but I am even more excited to use this experience for a mission that I am VERY passionate about. In addition - in my previous role as a Teaching Assistant and VP of Student Affairs for the UT Dallas IIA student organization, I planned many events such as happy hours, weekly corporate meetings, fun outings for students, conferences, etc. As I reflect on the last few years - I see how God placed me in the right places at the right time to gain experience in all these different areas that I am really passionate about and that I love. It took just a few people taking the risk on me and trusting that I could deliver the results they were wanting. I know this sounds really business-y but Hey I work in the corporate world so it is hard to change that part of me.

With all of that being said I am just completely ecstatic to serve in this way at Emmaus! Thus far - I have helped throw Easter brunch for about 50 people and a covenant member's party for about 40-50 people! I so enjoy this experience and opportunity and I find myself asking God to show me what I should do as a long term career. My heart just wanders. I want to be used in a radical way, in a missional way, and serve people every day, all day. I know that I am right where I am supposed to be in this moment though.

So with all that being said, I have been getting a lot of questions about how I create a lot of the graphics for our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and I wanted to share what I have learned along the way.

VSCOcam: Most photographers know about this app. My sister-in-law, who is a wedding photographer, uses it all the time as well as my friend Brittany, who was in my community group in Fort Worth and is also a wedding photographer. I downloaded this app like 2 years ago but I had a hard time really figuring out how it worked and just kind of gave up on it. Brittany recently convinced me to go back to using it and even showed me some tips & tricks! SO thankful for her. One thing that is really important to dynamic and interesting graphics is taking some of your own original photos to use behind words or with other messages. I tend to try to capture beautiful skylines, outdoor scenery, or anything else that catches my eyes and keep a stock pile for future use!

Word Swag: BEST. PURCHASE. EVER. So keeping in mind that I do a lot of informational promoting, i.e. Sunday gathering time & location, event time & location, reminders, etc. so posting the core of your message on the graphic is so important! This appeals to users and catches their eyes so they will actually read what you have to say! This app is $3.99 and there are a few extras you can buy within the app for $1.99 each or so. I downloaded all of them and seriously best app purchase ever. 

Examples of past graphics:

Moves & Neighborhoods
Matthew 5:14
Your Actions Reflect Your Heart
New Member Lunch
Sunday Gathering
Power of Prayer

I hope this helpful to some of you who are starting your own blog, business, or providing services for a non-profit organization or a church! I am happy to meet with anyone at a coffee shop in Denver and give you some lessons slash show you how I do what I do on some of these apps! Also - if you aren't in Denver I am available for a Skype session or phone call! The hardest part of doing social media for an organization on a volunteer basis is the consistency of posts and developing your own original content. :) I recommend brainstorming, having people send you ideas, or if you are feeling really creative just make 5-10 posts to use over time for when you are really busy and its hard to think of something on the fly!

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Love to all and Happy {almost} Friday!!