I have been almost obsessively thinking and dreaming about our new place! I just cannot wait. I am beyond excited and as I usually do I am completely ahead of myself with making lists of the projects I want to do, window shopping, and emailing people for quotes on how to fix things.... and  it hit me that I have to pack up our apartment... again. Although I am so excited and know that God has truly provided and delivered one of my heart's biggest desires.. I am still not looking forward to packing and moving AGAIN! There is just something about it that completely overwhelms me and I truly do not enjoy it, but then again I am not sure who does?

To give you some background: In May of 2013, I packed up my husband (my then boyfriend) from his parent's home in Texas and drove with him and his parents to Denver, Colorado, where we unpacked him and got him setup in his new place. Then in June 2013, I packed up my belongings from my mom's house and moved to Fort Worth, Texas about 30 miles away. Then in June of 2014 I packed up my belongings and moved about 5 miles away to save some money, where in December of 2014 my parents flew in to help me pack up all my stuff just days before our wedding. This was such a blessing for me. I was overwhelmed, stressed, and just plain avoiding the inevitable. (My step-mom is truly gifted in this area and enjoys doing this kind of thing!) Then in late December we moved all my stuff up to Denver and we unpacked all of our stuff which not only included all the things I owned but also TONS of wedding presents (Seriously our family and friends blessed beyond our what I could have imagined!). THEN we went to Ben's apartment and packed everything up (because since when do boys finish all their to-dos like packing and cleaning) and moved it 3 miles away to our new place. My in laws helped us move from Texas, unload the 2 uhauls, load up another uhaul, unload that uhaul, and then helped us unpack. I cannot be more thankful for them and their help! Also - I think I scared them with the amount of STUFF  that I had with me... haha This was quite the task... we ended up totaling a car, making about 5-8 trips to Goodwill, paying someone to take away a mattress and just also feeling really overwhelmed with trying to find a place for ALL of our stuff.

So now that only a few months has passed - I am completely dreading this experience! It is not so much the move as actually packing up all our stuff in the current place. We are moving not even a mile away. 

After reading this post I decided to sleep on how I was feeling for a week or so. I knew I was just griping and complaining but felt I wanted to share that sometimes when it looks like everything is just all fun and joyful, there is also an overwhelming feeling, feeling like you just took on the biggest project of your life, and you have no idea exactly how to complete it, and just a sense of "yep - this is gonna be a lot of work!".  I decided last Friday that I was just going to tackle this whole packing thing, and in a matter of hours I packed most of our apartment by myself {since my hubby was out of town for business}. I realized instead of just dwelling on the situation, I should just take action, and conquer this one bedroom! Our apartment is not completely and perfectly packed up but I think getting 15-20 boxes done has really helped me to feel accomplished. My husband reminds me all the time that "we are going to get everything done that we need to.","we will take care of everything." and that "it is all going to be okay.". He is so right, why can't I see that in the moment? My unbelief of God's promises is in the way. I don't trust his plan is better than my plan. We officially closed on our house on Wednesday, May 20th!! Last night - Ben and I both confessed to our gospel community group that we are struggling with annoyance at little things like spending 3 hours on a stripped screw while changing the locks and obsessively thinking about house projects {i.e. cleanliness, logistics of some renos & the actual move, etc.}. They are such a sweet reminder to us that we are all in this life together, that we are one body of Christ, and our struggle is their struggle. We were promised accountability, grace, and help {in anything we needed - be careful what you ask for!}! My sweet friends even offered to come help clean -- I mean seriously who wants to come and help clean a dirty old house with years of film behind  the fridge and oven? haha

I share all this with you because life is full of earthly struggles and eternal struggles. In your day to day life it is easy to be consumed with the earthly struggles but community will help remind you of what is eternal. I know whats eternal, or at least I think I do, but the daily journey can get me distracted. We have given each other the permission and the invitation to speak into our lives. That doesn't mean that we have to be perfect to come to one another but we can approach each other in love and grace. I strongly believe that community is essential to your walk in the life with the one true God. I don't mean that you have to have community to be saved but I do mean that it is so important for the sanctification process and becoming more Christ-like. Our pastor, Andy Beams, discusses community in his sermon from last week.

With all of that being said, I could definitely use some prayers on resting my anxious heart during this time and just embracing this exciting season that we are embarking on! My heart wants to enjoy the journey and experience while my mind will take over and dwell on all the negative. 

Here is a little sneak peak of our little fixer upper...


One of my very favorite features is this fireplace! I just love it. Now just to get a chimney sweep, a cap installed, and figure out if this thing can be operational again!

Front Door

Our front door! I love this original piece and the original door knob that is still functioning! I can't wait to give this a little TLC and paint it white... or maybe grey. And to also remove that ugly bamboo window covering.

Linen Closet

This is an original built in linen closet. When we first saw this house I could not stop talking about this little character feature and everyone was like "we know, we know....you LOVE the linen closet!" haha


I can't wait to get my hands on the backyard (with some serious help from my hubby and our friends)! I have such big plans for it. I want to power wash the deck, sand down the rough spots, re-stain the deck. Then add a different table out here to replace this one. Remove all the gravel and add sod! Then add a fire pit and some cool seating around it. Then top off the ambiance with some twinkle lights! Ideas, ideas, ideas. I cannot wait to host our first get together here.

Master Bedroom

This is the master bedroom on the first floor!

Basement Bedroom
Exposed brick

Our guest room! This was a must for a new space so that we can host our family & friends who come to town to visit us!


This is our kitchen! It could use some updating but at the same time it is totally liveable... This will be one of our last projects to take on!

Kitchen 2
View from the Front Porch

The view from our front porch & my sweet hubby!

Love -