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My husband and I LOVE ice cream. Like its really almost a problem! Ice cream and popsicles do not last long at our place, if at all. We frequently embark on 8 pm road trips to one of our favorite local ice cream shops in our area. My habit is to look on Google maps to see what restaurants or ice cream shops are close to us to see what place we should try next. I stumbled upon Aikopops a few weeks ago and was immediately hooked when I heard that they make unique and homemade popsicles. I really love popsicles and so I began my campaign to go to Aikopops. I tend to chant, make a song, or just obsessively talk about a place I want to go to until Ben finally caves and gets on board with my new idea. We frequently walk by the Aikopops shop on our way to Wash Park but due to rain, schedule, or timing we just never actually went inside! There were a few times that the store was already closed when the craving hit but then this last Saturday we were FINALLY going to get to go! We had the time, we were going to be out and about, and the weather was {temporarily} beautiful! We embarked on the less than a mile drive over to Aikopops  at 1284 S Pearl Street for your Denver-ites, needless to say I was so excited! We walked in and it was everything that I was hoping it would be. The owner was there and he was joyously working & talking to customers, explaining the menu, telling us about their heart and vision (we even learned the meaning behind their name!), and he made some suggestions on what to try! We were in popsicle heaven! {Note: I love meeting owners and people who started a shop or business... but that is for another day!}

Aikopops Menu
Aikopops selection

Aikopops makes 88 to 112 pops of a certain flavor and then when they are gone they are gone, until they feel like making them again! This makes them uniquely in high demand because your favorite flavor could be GONE tomorrow! He also stated that they make ALL of their popsicles in house and even showed us the watermelon mojito flavor he was working on right then. There is just the ingredients in the namesake, some water, and sugar! That's it.

Aikopops - Chelsea

I chose the Avocado Lime and Ben chose the Strawberry-Nutella, which the owner popped fresh out of the popsicle maker!

Aikopops Mural

I must say that these were absolutely delicious and the atmosphere and owner were so bright, cheery, and joyful! We will definitely be going to this spot all summer long! They are also pet-friendly so we will probably have to bring Trigger next time. This is their cute little patio with a mural. Very charming, if I do say so myself.

Check them out at their website here.

I highly recommend this little pop joint. 

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