So we have been busy these last few months since I last updated y'all....I don't even know where to start! As soon as one busy season ends, another is surely around the corner and begins to emerge. I would be lying if I said that I didn't love, even thrive upon busyness. It is something I have been involved in most of my adult life! Sometimes I will overwhelm myself with over-planning or over-extending myself, but for the most part I have gotten really good at time management. I am thankful for a husband that encourages me to slow down when  I need to and supports me when I am full steam ahead! This weekend we are going to take the opportunity to just be free, accept last minute invites to hang out, and be with each other in our little slice of this big city!

What that being said... one little piece of our new busy life revolves around the purchase of our very first home... and I must say that it is truly one of my dreams come true. Anyone who knows me - knows that I watch HGTV.... like A LOT. It is almost sinful. I dream about buying an old house and remodeling it. Not the kind of remodel that Nicole Curtis can pull off in Rehab Addict but a much, much smaller remodel! So in true Henderson fashion, we started house shopping and a week later we scored the right little half of the cutest, green bungalow in Wash Park! Take a sneak peak below:

Front of the House

Can't wait to share more pictures as we get further in this process! This is going to be a project of a lifetime and I for one cannot wait to get started. Ben has already warned me that we have to prioritize our projects, shopping, etc. but I am a girl so I have already zoomed off in to list making and planning mode! haha 

This will be a season that we could definitely use some prayers in just being patient with each other and doing a DIY reno, taking our time to do our due diligence when it  comes to updating or fixing something, and just savoring each moment as we make this house our home!

Hope you have a joy filled weekend! We are off to Wash Park to take the puppy out for some R&R!

Love y'all tender heartedly,