IF: Emmaus Denver

I am so excited to go on this Women's Retreat in Vail, Colorado this weekend with Emmaus Denver for the IF: Gathering! This is going to be such a sweet weekend with women who are passionate about Jesus and serving the Lord. Just to give you an idea of how excited our church is... there are approximately 50 members and over 20 women are going to this retreat! Wow. What a statement about our thirst to know Him and spend time together in community and just gather together. Oh to be a fly on the wall of our church service on Sunday morning when it is dominated by men and all the children! 

I just love how God works. I mean perfect timing for everything. This Friday is also First Friday, which is where the men in our church go to a local hangout and invite guys to hang out. This is an opportunity for those who wouldn't step foot in a church but will come and hang out and get to know these guys that have something different about them. My heart is so full that the Lord would also pick this weekend for the women to gather in a beautiful house in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado!

I will fill y'all in on how the weekend goes and of course some pictures. On Saturday between messages we are going to go explore the town of Vail! I am so excited about this. My friend Anna and I have never been so we have teamed up to explore together and whoever else wants to come!

My prayer is that no matter where you are in life or where you are geographically is that you would find a community of believers that will challenge you, encourage you, love on you, pray for you, disciple you, and so much more. Being involved in community groups has literally changed my life and the path that I was on. I cannot tell you what just stepping into the unknown that day in Georgia did for me! I will share more later on. I am constantly amazed at God's perfect timing and orchestrated sovereignty and how He just works all things for His good and His glory.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” - Romans 8:28 NIV

Love & Joy -