I wish I could say this was a total DIY success story... but it was not. 

Let's start at the beginning. Ben really wanted to mount our TV above the fireplace to free up some much needed space in our living room and make our sectional couch more functional for seating while watching the TV. The L shape of the couch forced us to have the couch face the fireplace while the TV was off to our right. 


I originally wanted our fireplace mantle to be purely for cuteness/design, however, function won over style. I made a deal with my husband - he could mount the TV but 1. it was his project (i.e. I didn't want to help) and 2. the cords needed to be hidden/contained/organized. He agreed to these terms and we started the research process. Marriage, compromise.

First, we went to Best Buy and looked at the TV mount selection. We knew we wanted an adjustable TV mount that extended out and rotated for functionality. This is the one that I wanted. At the time it was not on sale so it was about $200. A salesperson informed us that there was also an option for us to contract someone through Best Buy to come and install the TV Mount... for a price, of course. My wonderful budget conscious husband said that he would rather purchase a less expensive TV mount and try to do it ourselves. There was some slight bickering about this because I tend to be the one to just buy the more expensive, or what I perceive as the better option, while my husband wants to go for something cheaper.

Ben did some research on Amazon and decided to purchase this one. We were cautiously optimistic about this one based on the amount and nature of the polarizing reviews. Ben and our good friend Cole started the daunting task of putting this mount together and installing it one Saturday morning. Not only was it difficult to put together but the holes didn't line up. We had a multitude of problems in general with assembling the TV mount and then attempting to drill into the space above our fireplace, which is brick. I will be the first to say that our skills were probably some of the issue but overall this whole situation just did not work out for us. I can say Ben and our friend Cole spent about 5 hours working on this whole fiasco.

Finally after staring into 8 drilled holes into our main feature wall above the fireplace, we asked Ben's dad to help us one weekend. During this attempt, we all decided we had enough with this mount and it was time to go back to Best Buy to purchase the original mount we looked at. This was a great "I told you so" moment but I refrained from rubbing it in because my sweet husband really wanted to successfully complete this project but it just wasn't working out for us. Thankfully my very gracious in laws took some pity on us and gifted the mount and install services for Ben's birthday present! My husband was so so excited and so was I! Yippee! No more stress for us. We scheduled an appointment about 10 days out due to availability.

The install went great and the two contractors had no problems installing the mount, whew! I must say rearranging the furniture in our living room and having the TV mounted above the fireplace has completely enhanced the functionality of our living room. I am really happy that my husband talked me into this one! We can now sit on our couch in a "normal" way and actually view the TV without getting a crick in our neck. Now we can cuddle on the couch, drink hot chocolate, and watch Christmas movies every night!


Happy watchin' y'all -