This past weekend, we retreated up to the cabin to spend some quality time with the Henderson side of our family. Ben's brother & sister-in-law are going on a 10 month mission trip in early 2016 and we really craved some quality time together. We were thrilled to be able to experience the first snowfall of the season up in Fairplay. I love the snow, it sings to my soul! I was a little bummed/disappointed that we missed the leaves changing for the 3rd fall in a row but God knows the desires of our hearts and surprised us with a sweet window of snow! It was almost like a dream. Several inches fell on Tuesday and Wednesday and by Saturday it was all melted.

Our weekend was spent:

  • Watching the dogs wrestle and chase each other (for hours and hours)
  • Playing games (many, many games such as RummiKub, Yahtzee, Bananagrams, & Scattergories)
  • Hiking the Continental Divide at Hoosier Pass
  • Getting massages & eating crepes in Breckenridge
  • Four wheeling
  • Reading
  • Sitting around the campfire
  • Relaxing 

I never want to leave the cabin or the mountains. My heart yearns to stay there and enjoy the fresh, crisp mountain air. Until next time I will just reminisce on these joyful adventures.

Photo Oct 26, 10 36 34 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 26, 10 36 05 AM.jpg

Let it snow -